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Boston Massacre Part II

A lot of people are talking about the horrific events that happened on Boylston St. The events are horrible, but events like this tend to bring us together as a country. As i was watching Hardball last night, one reporter made a good comment. This is not an event that we have no experienced before. With the events on 9/11, we as a society are able to handle events like this a little better, as tragic as they may be.

Another article I read on Barstool Sport: Boston (http://boston.barstoolsports.com/random-thoughts/a-quick-word-about-stoolie-donations-for-victims/) made a lot of sense. The small company is Boston based with a young reader demographic, between ages 18-40. The writer made the point that he wanted to make a relief donation from the company to a relief fund, but it was too early in the chaos to decide properly where the money should go. He said that it was too early to tell what organization would give the most money and wanted to give the donations to the proper one that would give the victims all the money. He points out that some relief efforts at times sound sketchy.

This is truly a tragedy  Never in my life would I thought I would experience two horrible acts of terror on our country, but I do think we are strong enough to prevail.