Pat Summerall Passed Away….

Pat Summerall was part of the greatest announcing duo ever. Many people from my generation remember him and John Madden announcing our games in Madden. He was a big part of the NFL and its image in the late 90s.

Selfless Expressions


Thoughts and prayers goes out to the family and friends of Pat Summerall.  Yes, Sports fans everywhere are saddened by the news that the formal NFL player and beloved Sportscaster has died at the age of 82.  Watching him alongside John Madden for years and even enjoying his announcing skills as I played the Madden videogames it’s such a sad day. A spokesperson for the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center said that Summerall died because of a cardiac arrest yesterday. For twenty two years Summerall and Madden were Football’s dynamic duo and in memory of his friend and colleague, John Madden released a statement that read:

“We never had one argument, and that was because of Pat. He was a great broadcaster and a great man. He always had a joke. Pat never complained, and we never had an unhappy moment. He was something very special,” Madden said. “Pat Summerall is the voice of…

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