Friends Close, Enemies Closer

Even though this is a great gesture, the reality of this was inevitable. when watching clips (especially the ones showed on ESPN) most Yankee fans did not ever get up outta their seats for the song, never mind sing along. Even though it is great to see the rival of the Red Sox jump to their aid and try to support, most people are sorry for the events, but will not let it carry over into their sports.

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The Red Sox’s dear rivals, the New York Yankees, paid tribute to victims of the Boston Marathon bombings by playing the Fenway Park favorite “Sweet Caroline” at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night. Other teams around the majors did the same. The popular sing-along song has been featured at Boston Red Sox home games since 2002.

Yankees fans sang along, and some people in the crowd wore Red Sox hats and jerseys. It’s good to see baseball fans throw baseball aside and stand for their fellow Americans. I’d also like to apologize for the over posting of Boston, but it’s news, there is some sports involved, and I’m saddened by the event.

A ribbon was shown on the Yankee Stadium scoreboard displaying the insignia of the Red Sox and Yankees and the words: “New York stands with Boston … Pray for Boston.”

There also was a pregame moment of silence. A message…

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