American Jihadis Or Anti-Government Extremists ? … The List Of Suspects Shortens

Seeing the devastation in Boston really hits me hard, because I had family running in the race. Thankfully, no one was harmed. It does make me wonder why people continue to do more and more horrible things to out great nation. Are the policies we impose on our countries that horrible? I mean the Sons of Liberty threw 340 chests of tea into the Boston harbor because they did not like the policies of King George III. Is that what these people are doing? trying to keep their liberties? When a life is taken, a line is crossed. Merica


Boston Marathon Attack: Circle Of Possible Bombers Narrows, Experts Say



” Details emerging from the Boston Marathon bombing so far suggest that the perpetrators are most likely to be identified as American jihadis or, possibly but less likely, antigovernment extremists, say counterterrorism experts.

Investigators have not offered any information about potential suspects and are still seeking tips and video from the public. Yet several experts who follow radical groups inside the US say the timing of the attack, the choice of weapon, the target, and the venue are all suggestive. Those things together are beginning to triangulate toward a small set of possible perpetrators, and, as is often the case, the weapon is key.

Two common pressure cookers packed with nails, ball bearings, and explosives were each rigged to a timer and used as a bomb, the FBI confirmed Tuesday. The two bombs exploded a block from each…

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